Insight Article: Cloud Techology in a Nutshell

Cloud Technology In A Nutshell

9 May 2016

For millennia, humanity has known the exponential advantages of collaborative effort. In the Neolithic age, tribes of individuals would congregate to pool their collective resources, knowledge and skills to achieve far more than they could have done so individually.

The time of evolution has once again arrived and allowed our technology to do the same. In many similar ways to our giant leap into the modern world, cloud computing allows devices speaking different programming languages and operating systems to work together on frameworks that are not limited by geography or technology.

In the last century, humanity reached a point in its technological progress that has distanced the individual from the rest of society and caused a rift to form between people. This rift has removed opportunities for the collaborative behaviour that has allowed humanity to leap forward culturally and technologically for thousands of years.

In retaliation to this, we have created multi-user technologies like Cloud Infrastructure to allow individuals to once again pool their resources to create, collaborate and augment the individual’s skillset. Today cloud technology has allowed individuals separated by thousands of miles to collectively change the world.

More than 66 percent of Fortune 500 companies now rely on Azure.

There are six emerging trends in the collaborative economy today, and they can be summarised with the following examples:

Each of these technologies has been designed to satisfy a singular need: efficiency. Our understanding of the world and its limited resources, coupled with the limited amount of time each individual has to affect the world has led us to collectively pursue one goal: create and achieve as much as we can with the minimal amount of resources and time. Today our technological systems leverage on other systems strengths for mutual benefit, while reducing the need for obstructive processes, this movement has given rise to Cloud Infrastructure technologies.

Is computing technology now reaching the next step in its evolution, as we did ten thousand years ago? Is collaboration an inherent universal law that applies to the synthetic technologies we’ve created as well as our own organic existence? Certainly, a unified, shared solution is greater than the sum of its parts.

Cloud Infrastructure now permeates our day to day activities and blend individual devices with a greater network of databases and processing units to a point where technology is no longer defined by singular devices, but a seamless multi-node organism.

The rise of the collaborative economy has begun, with a clear focus on reducing waste, cutting out the middleman and making our lives in a digital world a little more organic.

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