Infographic: Guide Your Customers to the Cloud With CSP Licensing

21 Dec 2018

The Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) licensing model from Insight and Microsoft allows you to guide your customers to the cloud. It serves as a stepping stone in your customers’ hybrid cloud experience and maximizes your earning potential.

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Infographic displaying the Migrate to the Cloud With CSP Licensing asset

Maximize your earning potential.

Expand your services and meet customers where they’re at on their cloud migration journey.

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Guide Your Customers to the Cloud With CSP Licensing

Meeting customer demands in a changing landscape

Many customers, even those skeptical of the cloud, leverage Microsoft® cloud services such as Skype® for Business or OneDrive® to change the way they work — at an affordable price. Service providers can help make the journey to the cloud easier by providing greater flexible and offering a range of software licensing choices.

Growth opportunity with the cloud

  • 60–70% of software, services and technology spending will be cloud-focused by 2020.1
  • Public cloud spend is expected to grow more than 17% in 2019.2
  • 2019 prediction: “Hybrid cloud will conquer the business world.”3

What is CSP licensing?

Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) licensing enables resellers to fully own the sales process throughout the entire customer lifecycle. CSP licensing combines provisioning, deployment, support and billing — all within one convenient model.

CSP licensing allows resellers to:

  • Work within a new licensing model for cloud-based software.
  • Create immediate value for long-term customer success.
  • Directly provision cloud services and allow pay-as-you-go scalability.

SPLA: A stepping stone in journey to cloud

The Service Provider Licensing Agreement (SPLA) remains a sizeable opportunity for providers that want to meet customers where they’re at on their IT roadmap.

SPLA allows providers to deliver hosted services from the cloud; CSP licensing only applies to Microsoft cloud services. Most customers want a mix of services.

SPLA allows providers to pad their margins with scale. And, like CSP licensing, SPLA can be purchased via one monthly payment.

Maintaining SPLA in your services portfolio allows you to win on your business side while allowing your customers to benefit from your Microsoft expertise.

Realize your earning potential.

There are numerous ways to maximize your earnings:

  • Insight exclusive partner incentive program: earnings up to $7,500 per year
  • Stable CSP margins: 14% reseller discount on Office 365®
  • Stable Azure® margins: 7% reseller discount on Azure
  • Microsoft-backed incentive and rebates: up to 30% in rebates, monthly

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