Success through collaboration.

When employees and customers collaborate online, businesses win. We offer leading solutions for collaboration, email, portal, identity and voice services that provide the highest levels of business value.

Insight and Office 365 allow true collaboration from anywhere.

Flexible Office 365 solutions.

Microsoft® Office 365 has become a true collaboration and communications platform, enabling business users to communicate anywhere, anytime on any device. Let Insight assist you with your Microsoft Office 365 deployment or migration, maximising business value while minimising organisational change.

Anywhere access.

Office 365 enables anywhere access to emails, documents, and meetings.

Insight enables enterprise collaboration.

Enterprise Collaboration

Connect your enterprise to tools that enable them to collaborate socially, removing traditional barriers in working together as one, and provide employees with the ability to access corporate knowledge from anywhere, at any time.

Insight and Office 365 empower your employees to communicate on any device.

Unified Communications

Power your organisation with a unified communications platform. Break down barriers by allowing your employees to communicate from any device at any time.

Analyse and learn, empower sales teams with Insight's communications and collaboration solutions.

Analyse and learn.

Leverage the built in analytics to provide insights into your business and track key performance metrics.

Empower sales teams.

Combine CRM Online with Office 365 to drive sales teams to new levels of success.

One seamless solution.

No matter how complex your communications are now, Insight can connect all the moving parts into one seamless solution.

Insight and Office 365 bring order to chaos.

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